A Letter to You

Dear Friends,joe and larke (small)

Long ago, my wife and I were married. I think your parents will agree when I say that then weddings were much different than they are today.  Still, I think we would all agree that one thing remains the same – you will remember the joy and happiness of your wedding day from the moment you say I do until death do you part.

Not so long ago, my wife and I planned a wedding. We have 5 children, 3 of whom are now married. None of whom, however, have had similar weddings. We have walked children down the aisle of churches, and beaches, and even our own home. We have spent hours on the phone with vendors, and planners and in-laws; we have shopped tents, and tables, forks and flowers. We have helped our kids painstakingly choose the perfect plates and programs and attended dress fittings and hair and makeup rehearsals. We have poured over budgets with our children before and after the event. We have spent full days getting ready for the main event, and danced in celebration long into the night!

Wedding planning is hectic and exciting and it leads up to a day filled with joy, a day of memories you will cherish for the rest of your lives.  We understand exactly where you are right now. We know what you’re working towards. We’ve been there. We might be there again!

This house was built almost 200 years ago and for centuries has been the backdrop of loved ones gathering together for celebration. Now, we want to share that with you!

Since my wife and I renovated the historic Bryn Mawr and made it a home for our family in 1999, we have opened it for our friends and family as a place for celebrating. This house has hosted small wedding receptions in the garden area and patio, and she has hosted giant wedding celebrations in the back yard. She has hosted cocktail hours inside, fundraisers for politicians, and even parties for the Columbus Zoo!

We want to invite you to let our home serve as the venue for your own celebration. The Bryn Mawr has been the setting for some of the happiest moments of our lifetime, and we’d be honored to share that scenery as you make your own joyful memories!


Best Wishes and Happy Planning,

Joe and Larke Recchie



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